JoBeth is a wonderful spirit. I have known here over the course of my journey through LaRuche Creative and she has always shown such amazing kindness to me and my company, as well as what I stand for and believe.

I have had the pleasure of attending several networking events and bridal shows with her, and I have seen her work in person. Not only are her flowers absolutely beautiful, but her displays are always perfectly setup, she is punctual, she is courteous, and never turns away good conversation. She's southern to the bone, and kind deep within her heart. I am so glad I have crossed JoBeth's path during my journey of photography as I have lived here in this great state of Georgia! See what she says about her passion for floral and why she does what she does!

"Hi. So great to meet you. My name is JoBeth! I am the owner and lead designer for my floral company. I have loved flowers and planning beautiful events for as long as I can remember. Both of my grandmothers had amazing flower gardens that I loved to play in as a child. My mom owned a florist for several years when I was growing up. I continued the trend by always having a wonderful herb and flower garden of my own when my girls were little.

Once my girls were grown I decided it was time for me pursue this passion full time. I have 5 daughters so I have had the opportunity to experience both sides of the wedding world, as the mother of a bride and now as the one serving the brides. I understand what a fun and exciting time it can be. I also know that it can be stressful as well. My heart is to help brides create the wedding of their dreams by listening to their vision, paying attention to their heart and helping them find a style that perfectly matches who they are and what they envision. I also truly desire to help relieve the stress of this process by walking through it with them in an encouraging and supportive way.

Every bride has a story to share. I look forward to hearing yours soon!!"

If you would like more information about JoBeth, once you book our services you will get access to all of our premium vendors, that come highly recommended from LaRuche Creative, LLC.

Our Preferred Catering

The girls that I work with for Catering are....PHENOMENAL! I have worked with them at several venues, I have worked with them for several years, and they have never disappointed! It's ran by all women, and they know their food! I never leave an event they bring food to, feeling unsatisfied, and I am sure the clients can say the same thing. They are always so super helpful and go above and beyond when it comes to helping the client out. I am always amazed at how great these girls are and enjoy it when I show up and see their vans, and I know that I'm getting fed good tonight. See what they are saying about their passion for catering and why they do what they do!

If you would like more information about my preferred caterer, once you book our services you will get access to all of our premium vendors, that come highly recommended from LaRuche Creative, LLC.

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