Beautiful Human started out as a personal journey. Through the loss of a relationship, a company, a home, and a life that I no longer fit into, the journey of Beautiful Human began. As my love for photography grew, and my passion for understanding other peoples emotions grew, I learned fairly quickly that Beautiful Human was about being a true empath to help others find their inner beauty through portraits. I have a love for helping others bring that inner beauty out so that others can see what it is that they feel. These aren't just photos. They are truly images of each of their souls, reflected on the outside of their skin. Each human here has a story. Each human connects with an emotion behind the smile, or the eyes, or the way they decided to look at the camera. We are deeper than our skin. And we all have something to share. But at the end of the day, we are all just Beautiful Humans. These are photos of the human self with the 'image' or 'essense' of their spirit self. We are all just on a journey. Are you ready to add a beautiful human session to your journey?

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