These photos were both taken inside of each of these clients businesses.



If you are an individual that is looking to update your headshots, we can start you out with a great rate of just $199! This will give you 2-3 fully edited headshot photos to use with your brand and your company. This typically comes with one outfit, and approx 45 min on location. For more outfit changes, more locations, including studio, more time, and more poses, such as 3/4 body and full body, we recommend one of our larger packages. Please contact us for a more extensive list of pricing!



Hello Real Estate Agents! We have got some great prices for you! Need a house to go on the market ASAP? Let us photograph it for you in FULL HDR with a 24 hour turnaround! Homes under 1500 sq ft starting at $159! If your home is larger, the price can range from $169 and up. We also do neighborhood photos, and we have a drone guy! Yes, a drone guy! Let's get together and make your next home a LaRuche Home!

These photos were taken in a high rise condo in downtown Atlanta.



Company branding can range anywhere from photos of a product you are trying to sell, to photos of your employees working around the office, to photos of your food truck handing out food to hungry customers. Company branding photos are great for using on social media! As entrepreneurs and business owners, marketing our business revolves around social media. You have to have content. Our company branding starts off at $500. Give us a call! Let's chat!

The photo on the left is Bishops hair salon during an open house. The photo on the right is of a dental practice in Douglasville. Each client uses these images on social media to help promote.

2 beautiful couples at 2 amazing venues!



We have been doing weddings for over 15 years. We take a select handful of weddings. If you are looking to get married this year or next, please get in touch! We have packages to work with you! We would love to be apart of your special wedding day! We know lighting, and can shoot in low light, sunlight, indoors, outdoors, rain, and whatever else the weather may throw at us! We hope to hear from you and sit down and have a cup of coffee!

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