Please be patient while we are adding to our school photography portfolio. We are very different than your average school photography comp[any. We don't believe in boring backdrops. Typically we will shoot in the spring and the fall, and we will come in, and use an outdoor spot for the photos. We want natural photos of your students. So we make sure we bring out the pockets full of smiles. The kids go for it every time!  Our job is to come in, make the best experience for your students, and have a small handful of photos for parents to choose from. We want parents to actually want to purchase a package, not to feel obligated because it's the only photo they have. We are currently working with several private schools, so please be patient while we add to our portfolio. There is no cost to you for photos as a school. And teachers will get their photos for free! Thank you teachers for all of your hard work! Contact us for details!

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