After many changes in my life in 2017, Ones Perspective was born. My son and I, after a rough start to 2017, decided to fly across the country and visit some good friends in Seattle. While we were there, we visited Oregon, San Diego, and many places around Washington. This is when Ones Perspective was born! This Instagram page is 99.9% cell phone photography, both taken and edited on my Samsung. This is a wonderful outlet for creativity, peace and just pure fun. Photography isn't just my job, it's also my passion, so I enjoy shooting even when I am not getting paid. It's a huge stress reliever and I absolutely love capturing elements in nature, as well as in the city! So please, take a look, and feel free to follow me on Instagram as well at @OnesPerspectivePhotography Enjoy and I hope you find peace from looking through it as I find peace from taking them.

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